Executive Team

Thomas T. Dawson - CEO

Tom considers himself the Company Coach-always looking to solve client and subcontractor issues. He likes adding value to the front-end, acting as an advisor to the owner-architect team.

His more than 30 years of experience in the Construction business includes the completion of well over 300 projects, including more than 43,000 units, and is a tremendous added value for our clients. Over the last five years, under Tom's leadership, PGCC has been included in the Top 25 as one of the largest Construction Contractors in the Sacramento and North San Francisco Bay areas.

Tom is a Licensed Contractor in over five states. He has been a licensed NCARB Architect in two states and holds various construction certifications. Tom graduated from the Pratt Institute with a Bachelors of Architecture.

hiking path in Swiss Alps

Jon G. Opfell - Chief Operating Officer

Jon was born with a hammer in his hand. As a youngster, he spent his summers with his siblings and friends in Calabasas, California, constructing elaborate tree forts consisting of multiple stories, staircases and ballast-balanced elevators.

Jon's greatest attribute is his love and knowledge of building and construction. Having completed in excess of 280 projects as the project executive here at Precision, Jon has grown to have extensive knowledge and experience with construction practices in 8 states.

Jon graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Liberal Arts. Jon enjoys quiet beachside weekends with his wife, snowmobiling, deep sea fishing, hiking and most of all flying to all areas of the United States to promote and ensure that the Precision brand is recognized as one of the most professional General Building Contractors in the industry.

Jon Opfel and his high school basketball team
Jon's team was the runner up CIF "AA" Southern Section High School champions

Jahan Missaghi - CFO

Jahan has been with Precision since 1998. In his 20+ years here, he's over-seen the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the financial side of the business. On the corporate side, he handles all the budgeting and financing including supervising the accounting and disbursement group. For all the projects that Precision has been involved with, he's personally overseen project funding and payroll. He orchestrates cash flow through numerous bank accounts, handles all financial reporting and manages all finances in the client/vendor relationship.

Jahan received his Masters in Business Administration from USF. During his free time, you'll find him either tending to his garden or pursuing his true passion-tennis, which he's played practically every weekend for the past 25 years.