Capitol Towers

Noted for its distinction as the first high-rise apartment building constructed in Sacramento, along with its award winning low-rise apartment buildings, the Capitol Towers Apartments community renovation project had numerous unique requirements that called on expert artisans to replicate and hold true to the architectural integrity of the development originally designed by the architectural firm of William Wurster, who teamed with Frederick Emmons, a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright. Skilled craftsmen were utilized in the painstaking process of replicating tapered outriggers on the cantilevered eaves, as well as with the retrofitting of all 103 cantilevered patio decks.

The garden apartments underwent significant renovations, including structural upgrades to the roofing diaphragm, placement of new modified cap sheet roofing material upon all buildings, new cantilevered decks with wrought iron railings, new patio and surround fencing for the individual units, new primary entrance doors, utility closets and integral colored flatwork. They were fully stripped of finishes, including drywall, electrical branch circuit wiring and plumbing drain/vent stacks. New finishes included cabinetry, ceramic tile surrounds, millwork, plumbing fixtures and trim, electrical trim, centralized heating and cooling, hardwood flooring, carpeting and window coverings.

The eight buildings of the garden style apartment community were enlivened with a vibrant palette of color, including the use of a "Taliesen West" blue for the wrought iron railings. The integration of a fully automated irrigation system throughout the four square block area of the property allows the lush and verdant mature landscaping to be enjoyed in what’s come to be known as an oasis in the urban environment.

Capitol Towers, 1500 7th Street, Sacramento, California 95814

409 Units

F.& F Capitol Towers Associates L.L.C Larkspur, California

Kodama Diseno Architects A.I.A San Francisco, California

12 Million