Duane Hill Terrace

Duane Hill Terrace, a Multi-Family Housing Community, was built from the ground up in less than 9 months. This low-income housing project consists of three 3-story buildings with a total of 32 apartments. The site includes a community room, a laundry room, an office and a courtyard equipped with benches and other outdoor activities equipment. The excavation started on April 6, 2011, construction ended the beginning of December, and all apartments were occupied by the end of December. And since we were given a time frame of 9-months to complete the job-which we beat by a month-we provided the Owner with a significant rebate due to the savings in General Conditions.

Precision GCC, Inc would like to Thank all the Subcontractors who made it possible and the owner RCHDC.

Duane Hill Terrace 600 North Orchard Avenue, Ukiah, CA

32 Low Income Units

December, 2011

Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation rchdc.org

Tierney/Figueiredo Architects tfarch.com

4.5 million