Eden Lodge - Solar Panels

The hot water solar system consists of 50 flat plate collectors that heat the water and store it in a 2150 gallon tank. The water in the storage tank can get up to 150 degrees. A temperature control valve keeps the water at or below 120 degrees as it goes through (3) 130 gallon water heaters. The AO Smith water heaters have 96% thermal efficiency. It is the preheating of the hot water supply that greatly reduces the burden on the central water heating system.

Eden Lodge 400 Springlake Drive, San Leandro, CA

Type 2 & 3-story building / 143 1 & 2-bedroom units

Solar panels:
Hot Water Solar System: Vaillant auroTherm VFK 150 vertical flat plate collectors. System includes 50 collectors 48.5" x 80".

November, 2011

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4.9 million to Bell Manor