sẽr'vice, n. - an act of assistance or benefit.

Our service focuses on maximizing project efficiency through a strong partnership of the Owner and the General Contractor in defining and executing the scope of the work in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Service offered include

  • Perform initial inspections/due diligence.
  • Produce a priority list to solve the problem quickly, especially if it involves safety issues or property protection
  • Provide monthly owner status reports and scheduling.
  • Estimate the cost to solve the problem quickly, allowing the staff and owner to determine the impact on the budget.
  • Negotiate with the local building inspection departments to determine the best method to meet the code requirements.
  • Identify qualified subcontractors, vendors, engineers, and architects.
  • Develop precise scopes of work to allow fair and competitive pricing.
  • Conduct bidding process, awarding the work to the most qualified subcontractors.
  • Execute AIA (American Institute of Architects) document contracts, process payments, obtain insurance certificates, and lien waivers.
  • Perform/process inspections.
  • Develop a punch list and conduct the final inspection.