Annadale Commons - completed

Annadale Commons

40 Units, 11 buildings and 1 Community Club House

New Construction, Affordable Senior Living Community

With energy savings in mind, the scope of work included vinyl windows, solar PV, cool roofs, tank-less water heaters and LED lighting.

Annadale Commons is an infill multifamily senior housing development that will provide permanent housing for low-income people ages 62 and older in southwest Fresno. Annadale Commons includes one- and two-bedroom single-story units with a centrally located community building containing an exercise room and computer lab. The community room also includes a hearing aid loop, a wireless system allowing presentations to go directly into connected hearing devices, ensuring residents experiencing hearing loss enjoy the same services as other residents. The project will also included a gazebo and open green space.

Annadale Commons is highly energy efficient and transit-friendly with sustainable features including solar PV. The project’s solar panel system will offset the power used in the common area, residential loads, and community center, making Annadale Commons a grid neutral zero net energy project. This will result in reduced utility bills for residents and the property, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Project Details


Fresno, CA


40 Units, New Build




Self Help Enterprises, SHE


API Planning and Architecture

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