Judson Terrace

Judson Terrace

Judson Terrace is a retirement community serving low-income seniors on a three-acre campus in San Luis Obispo. Rehab of this 107-unit community included converting 11 units for ADA compliance.

The critical planning for this project was around the elevators which needed to be taken out of service and would not be usable for 4-5 weeks. This presented a great challenge as Judson Terrace is a retirement community and the residents living in upstairs units had to able to get to the ground floor without using the stairs.

To solve this dilemma, we worked on each elevator individually and installed robust scaffolding between buildings to create an elevated walkway for residents to get to an elevator that was still available for use. The residents were very happy with the scaffolding walkway solution, with many hoping these would remain in place beyond the renovation.

Project Details


3000 Augusta Street
San Luis Obispo, California 93401


107 Unit Occupied Rehab. 96 Standard Units and 11 ADA Units.


February 2020




Beacon Development Group


Fraser Seiple Architects